Songs in the Key of Canada


Canadian Musical Trivia Quiz

Which of the following songs were written by Canadians?

(a) My Way
(b) Put Your Hand in the Hand
(c) Magic Carpet Ride
(d) Theme from The Tonight Show
(e) all of the above

What songs do you think you're going to hear in Canada's retirement homes in 2040?

Will it be I Left My Heart in San Francisco, Swanee River or The White Cliffs of Dover? Not if celebrated indie songwriter Gregg Lawless has it right:

"Chances are you'll be hearing Heart of Gold, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Sundown, These Eyes, or Takin' Care of Business!"

And what do all of these great songs have in common? They were all written by Canadian singer/songwriters.

"The list is stunning," says Lawless. "From The Diamonds to Paul Anka, from Ian and Sylvia to Joni Mitchell, from Leonard Cohen to Neil Young, from Steppenwolf's John Kay to The Guess Who and B.T.O., these artists helped to create one of our greatest natural resources: the Canadian singer/songwriter. Their songs have become the soundtracks to our lives."

SONGS IN THE KEY OF CANADA is not only a celebration of our nation's greatest popular songs, but also a light-hearted look at the history of the artists and the stories behind their best — and a few of their worst! — songs.

"To me, if you're going to talk about Paul Anka and his career, you can't just play Diana, Lonely Boy, and My Way; you've got to slip in a verse or two of Havin' My Baby!" Lawless says with a mischievous smile.

SONGS IN THE KEY OF CANADA features Gregg Lawless and The Acoustic Orchestra, four seasoned roots musicians playing the acoustic instruments that have come to define the Canadian sound: 6- and 12-string guitars, mandolin, accordion, piano and bass.

"There's a down-home feel to any show with acoustic instruments," adds Lawless. "And that's exactly what we're aiming for: a big, loose-spirited singalong that will give us all yet another reason to celebrate this great country."

CANADIAN MUSICAL TRIVIA QUIZ Answer: "e) all of the above"

Songs in the Key of Canada features songs by:

Joni Mitchell, The Band, Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot, Paul Anka, Ian and Sylvia, Gene MacLellan, Five Man Electrical Band, The Guess Who, David Clayton-Thomas, Steppenwolf, Leonard Cohen, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, and more...

Gregg Lawless - vocals, 6 and 12 string guitars
Steve Briggs - mandolin, guitar, vocals
Suzie Vinnick - bass, vocals
Steve Klodt - accordion, piano, vocals


"What Canadian content! ... and great trivia! ... an upbeat, highly entertaining show ... this show should be seen everywhere ... you have to bring it down east!"
— Richard Stoker, Manager of Programming and Promotion for Newfoundland and Labrador's Arts and Culture Centres